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Contact us for updated contact information on any of the escorts and service providers. We will get in touch with them directly.

WeChat: jing41201
WeChat: jing41201
Telegram: happygirl0511
WhatsApp: +8616506659939

我是您的移动私人小助理,您到哪,我的服务就到哪。注重客户感受,非常注重回头率及客户反馈。把握质量的生命线,坚决不做一锤子 .只交一辈子的朋友。很多城市均可安排,洋酒也有.



贵的客人: 非常感谢您选择我的服务!您可以选择您喜爱的项目,将为您提供最好的身心之旅!洗去您一身的疲劳和烦恼吧!快快联系我吧13929505444.AC1392950


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Our business team can act as your mobile personal assistant, wherever you go, our services will be there. We consider highly each customer experience. We pay great attention to each customers' experience and feedback. Quality is our focus, not quantity. We are here to earn your business for a lifetime. Our services are available in any city (even outside of China). In addition to Chinese providers, we also have foreign providers throughout China and throughout the world.

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Here you can browse the best Massage Girls & Escorts throughout all of China.

Outcall & Incall Services are available around the clock 24/7

You can schedule and inquire by phone, email, SMS, and WeChat - our WeChat QR Code is located at the bottom of each web page - you can also use our contact form online to send us a message or request services.

If you do not find what you are looking for on this site, please contact us - many providers in China do not want their personal photos distributed on the internet, but they are available to provide great service their clients.

We look forward to serving you.

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Latest China Escorts & Massage Girls

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China Escorts with Verified Profiles and Direct Contact Information

Mandy - Beijing
Linda - Guangzhou
Cammy - Shanghai
Lucy - Shenzhen
Tina - Tianjin
Sunny - Shenzhen
Crista - Chengdu
Collette - Changsha
Mary - Dalian
Cynthia - Nanchang
Allison - Zhoushan
Cassie - Suzhou
北京伴游 (Beijing Escort) - 素锦 (Sù jǐn)
心颖 Xīn yǐng - 宁波 Ningbo
妍波 Yán bō - 昆明 Kunming
雄强 Qiáng de - 沉阳伴游 Shenyang
北京伴游 Beijing Escort - 语汐 Yǔ xī
上海伴游 Shanghai Escort - 佳丽 Jiā Lì
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The photos on this page are only part of the service providers available all over China - hopefully you find one that you like, otherwise, please let us know and we will get the right one for you when you want to schedule

Pamela - Nanchang
Ying Yue - Qingdao
Carrie - Chengdu
Dora - Changchun
Heather - Hefei
Winny - Changsha
Wilma - Changzhou
Wendy - Chengdu
Vivian - Chongqing
Trisha - Dalian
Sophia - Dongguan
Silvia - Foshan
Sarah - Jinan
Sammie - Nanchang
Rena - Fuzhou
Polly - Guangzhou
Ophelia - Hangzhou
Natalie - Kunshan
Nancy - Nanjing
Mina - Nantong
Melania - Ningbo
Megan - Qingdao
Mary - Shanghai
Lucy - Shenyang
Lola - Shenzhen
Lois - Suzhou
Lisa - Taicang
Linda - Tianjin
Lena - Wuhan
Judy - Wuxi
Joy - Kunming
Jill - Xiamen
Hiedi - Xian
Heather - Zhengzhou
Gilly - Zhongshan
Eva - Zhuhai
Emmy - Guangzhou
Elizabeth - Foshan
Elisa - Hangzhou
Diane - Beijing
Denise - Tianjin
Daphane - Fuzhou
Cory - Chongqing
Clara - Chongqing
Chloe - Shanghai
Chastity - Guangzhou
Carrie - Changsha
Camile - Wuxi
Bambi - Shanghai
Abbey - Suzhou
Christine - Dalian
Coco - Tianjin
Karen - Harbin
Xena - Beijing
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If you do not find the right escort or massage girl here, please contact us – there are many girls in China that choose not to put their photos online, so even if you can not find the right one here, we can help you and get the perfect girl for you.

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